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Touch Screen Kiosk Digital Signage Board Manufacturers & Suppliers Delhi / NCR, India


We offer a versatile solution for all applications of a digital signage with touch screen & non-touch screen. Free-standing , front or rear access model can take care of all possible constraints faced by clients during operations and maintenance. These model are widely used at Airports, Metro, Malls, Hotels and Hospitals etc. We also do custom design for digital signage’s design according to your requirement (touch screen & non-touch screen).




Digital signage for Corporate


Digital signage for corporate is designed to engage your employees in a creative manner. With a creating signage, you can highlight your achievements, upcoming events, and any other need-to-know updates that you want your employees to be aware of. board While improving the efficiency of your office space, digital signage advertising or Outdoor advertising lets your products or services attract your audiences’ attention.  


Digital signage for Manufacturing


Interactive digital signage for manufacturing helps businesses to share unified message to every department in a manufacturing unit. If you believe that your employees miss on some important messages in real time, digital signage would be a perfect solution for you. We have a team of experienced designers and engineers who can deliver custom digital signage to meet your specific requirements.


Digital signage for Real Estate


Digital signage display for real estate can be an effective way of communicating with your target audiences if you use it as a part of your marketing strategy. Whether you want to display property details, area guides, ‘For Sale’ advertisement, or wayfinding, this would be a perfect digital signage solution to disperse your content in a real time. Let our experienced professionals create a custom digital signage for your real estate business.    


Digital signage for Healthcare


Hospitals need to adopt new-age technologies to improve their patients’ experience and to maximize the use of their resources. With custom digital signages, hospitals can easily promote their achievements and medical services. On the other hand, the benefits of digital signage in hospitals include many things like displaying doctors’ availability or other services like ICU bed availability to ensure that the patients don’t face any difficulty.  


Digital signage for Smart City


Digital transformation can be seen in every area, and cities of all types are using digital signages to interact with the people in a unique way. Whether it is to show wayfinding, to inform the people about occupancy in a particular area, digital signage for smart city provides the best solution. It helps cities go digital by installing data-driven displays all across the places.


Digital signage for Food service


Digital signage for restaurants offers several benefits as it helps the restaurants to communicate with their patrons in a creative way. They can display food & drink items using digital menu boards to let the customers know about the meals offered. It is also helpful in displaying the details of online ordering and weekly offers to attract more patrons to their restaurants.


Digital Signage for Retail Business


Retail is the obvious beneficiary of high-end interactive retail displays. It can potentially drive your target customers to your store if they digital signage is designed and positioned perfectly. In-store digital advertising display allows you to promote your new products using personalized design. We have a team of efficient designers who can provide you with high-end retail video display systems to meet your specific requirements.  


Digital Signage for Hotel and Convention Centres


Digital signage for hotel and convention centres has become an easy of sharing information in real time. It can be a convenient tool let the attendees face no obstacles while heading to their destination. With our custom digital signage solutions for convention centres, you can make your updates or announcements be visible at moment in time.  


Digital Signage for Smart Public Transit


Digital signages for smart public transit are transforming the way how the passengers get information about the arrival & departure schedules of trains, buses, aeroplanes, and others. The signages can also be used in the public places to display directional maps to let the people know about nearby parking lot, restaurants, ticket counter, and others.




What are the Types of Digital Signage?


A digital signage can help businesses communicate with their audiences in an artistic manner. Whether you want to create wayfinding, digital displays, or you want to inform your patrons about your new products, a digital signage provides you immense opportunities to explore for your business. Generally, it is categorized in five different types like indoor digital signage, outdoor digital signage, digital menu, free standing display, and digital posters.


Touch Screen Kiosk or Smart Kiosk


Interactive touch screen kiosk digital signage is developed to provide a seamless solution to enhance your audiences’ engagement. It allows you to show specific interactive contents like advertisements, product promotions, and other relevant things for informing your target audiences in artistic ways. Touch screen kiosks in India can significantly reduce the cost and improve customers’ experience.     


What is Touch Screen Kiosk & How Smart Kiosk Works?


A touch screen kiosk is a device that helps the people to find appropriate information in no time. Kiosk machines in India is intended to show advertisements, product details, wayfinding, and others, which are easy to handle through software. Touch screen kiosk manufacturers in India make the best use technologies to ensure that the machines respond to human touches flawlessly.


Touch Screen Digital Signage Board


Touch screen digital signage boards are being largely used in public places such as retail stores, library, hospitals, shopping malls, transit centres, etc. With high-end tools and functionalities, the signage boards can be personalized for intended purposes in accordance with your requirements. Touch screen kiosks for library are purposefully designed to help the students know about the space in a better way. Touch screen kiosk suppliers come up with multi-purpose kiosks to fulfil specific requirements.   


Non-Touch Screen Digital Signage


Non-touch screen digital signages are lesser interactive than the touch screen display. While you compare non-touch screen vs touch screen, you will find it with a limited scope for sharing information. Sometimes, it gives a new kind of user experience that can occasionally be more engaging. Digital kiosk display price in India is generally valued affordably to let the people find a reasonable solution.




What is Interactive Kiosk?


Interactive kiosks are providing the most effective way of promoting products and services. Unlike tradition tools, it offers innovative technologies to transform the way businesses interact with their audiences. From interactive kiosks in retail to hotels, shopping centres, and hotels, businesses are exploring the technology to interact with targeted audiences as well as existing customers. It provides immense opportunities to improve their bottom-line performance. Today, the touch screen kiosks in India can be integrated with the new-age technologies like artificial intelligence to provide in-depth and intended results. As far as the interactive kiosk cost is concerned, you will find a wide a range of machines at affordable price. Whether you need a touch screen kiosk or a non-interactive kiosk for your business, you must ensure that the selected machine includes high-end features and tools to fulfil your requirements.  


What is Informational Kiosk?


As the name suggests, information kiosks in India are purposefully designed to provide information. They can be either an interactive or non-interactive machine with a set of useful features. Hotel information kiosks are uniquely developed to help hotels and restaurants promote their foods and drinks in an artistic manner. And the kiosk also allows their patrons to place an order for foods.

Information kiosks in agriculture are also transforming the way how agriculturists used to share relevant information. Now it is easier and more convenient to educate farmers and associated organizations regarding novel methods agriculture sectors.       




What is Digital Notice Board?


Digital Notice Board is an innovative LED display that is uniquely used to provide information in a consumable format. Businesses and other organizations can leverage the technology to inform, educate, and engage their audiences in the most interactive manner. Digital notice board for schools are intended to share internal information pertaining to class schedule, examination details, activities, and others. It is quickly transforming the way of in-campus communication by removing old-style paper-based notice board. What makes it even more convenient is that the digital bulletin board helps you handle the way communication as per your requirements.


If a school or college wants an important information to be displays all across the campus, they can use the digital board to let the news get flashed on the screen without any hurdle. Digital notice board in India can be used in almost all types of industries such as hotels, corporate offices, educational institutions, government offices, and public places as well.


If you talk about the benefits, LED digital notice boards in India provide businesses with immense opportunities to share information accurately. Other advantages include:



We have a team of experienced designers and engineers who have expertise in creating custom digital notice board for office or other organizations based on our clients’ requirements. Before we start designing the board, our engineers listen to our clients’ requirements carefully so the product functions in line with their needs.   




What is the Interactive Flat Panel Display?


Interactive flat panels in India are hugely popular with the businesses that need to share information in real time. Unlike simple LED screens, it is an interactive solution that functions two-way communication. With several technical features like split screen, screen recording, etc., the flat panel displays are the best solution for corporate and educational institutes.


Interactive panels are quickly outpacing normal LED screens all across the public places. Smart classrooms, where the teachers need an interactive solution to teach the students in a unique manner, and only interactive flat panels can be useful for their 2-way feedback mechanism. You will require different kind of panel with diverse features like, interactive flat panel 86 inches is ideal for retail stores and other places where a large of people need to access information easily.  


No matter what kind of interactive panel display you need for your commercial establishments, our engineers are always ready to provide you with custom solutions. Discuss your requirements with out experienced professionals and let them create a custom panel display for your specific requirements.