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Video Wall


In order to meet different customer requirements “PROMOFLEX DIGITAL” offers end-to-end video wall solutions. We have executed several large video wall projects at the New Delhi and Mumbai Airports. The video walls are not only ultra HD, they are configured for 5K content playout giving the highest possible quality to the end product.


The visual delight that the walls create is attributable to an ultra-thin 3 mm bezel wrapped around the wall that charmingly creates an illusion of single imagery! Seamless real-time content upload & display, world class content scheduling and creation software and live feeds make it an ideal platform to engage with the audience.


Promoflex Display Systems is one of the trusted LED video wall manufacturers in India with a range of display solutions. We bring in high-definition and commercial-grade LED video walls to meet our clients’ expectations. We specialize in providing the solutions for indoor, outdoor, events, and other commercial-grade requirements.

Select from our rich premium options for the best LED video walls in India to engage and entertain your audiences with amazing viewing experiences.


What is LED Video Wall?


LED video walls are a remarkable and effective way of communication to convey your message to several people at the same time. The technology is becoming progressively popular with the businesses because of its technological capability to display seamless content, scalable to any specific requirement. It is engineered with excellent features, which allow it to make the content look excellent.


LED, light-emitting diode, is a revolutionary technology for digital signage as it produces and emits light on its own. Unlike other display technologies, it is a long-lasting solution for all types of advertising events.


What are the Types of LED Video Wall?


There are some high-definition and long-lasting types of LED video walls that are gaining popularity due to their unique requirements. Some of them are discussed as follow: 


Direct view LED video walls: Usually, they were used for outdoor displays, but now, as the technology has evolved over the period, they have become the foremost choice for indoor displays. Due to its advanced technical features, the direct view LED video wall provides unique opportunities to the businesses for educating, entertaining, and promoting products indoor.


Outdoor LED Video Walls: They are engineered to provide effective visual experiences. It is ideal for a range of applications like digital signage, scoreboards, advertising, and concert venue background. What makes them a perfect outdoor content display solution is their ability to survive harsh weather conditions and their technical features to make the content noticeable even in the sunlight.


Quick-Install LED Video Wall for Events: When it comes to delivering effective visual experiences in events like tradeshows, political rallies, musical concerts, and others, you need high-definition video wall ultra-HD 5K display to make the event memorable.


How do LED video walls work?


LED video walls comprise of so many LED modules, which create a fluid display all together. They are increasingly becoming popular because of their technical features - every light-emitting diode produces and emits their own light.


LED video wall manufacturers in Delhi NCR design the wall using a number of HD LED displays. Some of them have mounting system, while other LED wall displays come featured with a detached mount. You will see limitless options for the video wall such as ceiling mount, freestanding, wall mount, etc. with high-end technologies.


What is a video wall used for?


Video walls are an impactful tool to share information in real-time.It’s a collection of HD displays to build a large video wall, controlled and managed by high-end software suites.


It appears to be a single canvas, but the technology working behind it makes it possible to create a powerful communication tool. Its high performance, flexibility, and scalability make it a budget-friendly solution for educating, informing, and entertaining the people in a unique way.


This is the best display solution for places where you need to address a large number of audiences. Trade shows, public places, conferences, police control room, and others are some of the places where high resolution video walls are needed.


How to develop video wall?


Unlike other advanced systems, video walls come with easy installation. But you must work on some key aspects before you start installing the walls. Promoflex Display Systems is one of the best video wall manufacturers in India with thorough expertise in providing the best display solutions


How much does an LED video wall cost?


The cost of installing LED video walls is determined by a range of factors such as video processing requirements, indoor or outdoor applications, mounting requirements, and others.


But you must believe that the latest display solutions are always more affordable and convenient than other options available to you. We at Promoflex Display Systems have years of experiences in installing customized LED video walls to meet our clients’ specific requirements. Once your budget and requirements are sorted out, we start creating your display!