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Manage your outdoor Advertising with Our High-Quality OOH Signages


OOH signage in India has witness commendable growth during the last few years, and it seems to keep growing because of the inclusion of digital technologies in ooh advertising. We at Promoflex Display Systems have developed a unique solution to help businesses grow their presence through a perfect advertising tool.


We provide our esteemed clients with a vast range of innovative display solutions to help them expand their reach to the countless audiences. Our products are designed and created by experienced professionals like graphic designers, product designers and engineers who understand our clients’ specific requirements.


A blend of tech advances with the old-style advertising approach has emphasized the importance of out-of-home ( ooh advertisements ) advertisements. Here, we look at the prospect of the new high-tech method in detail and let’s understand what it might look like in the future.


 What is OOH?


Out of home advertising (OOH) refers to a traditional advertising method that is used outside in public places to inform, educate, and entertain the target audiences. It’s intended to draw the attention of people who pass through the signage. Generally, it is installed in high dwell-time places such as subways, airports, waiting rooms, and other public places.


Out of home signage India is mushrooming every day in the world of advertising. Its wonderful adaptable nature lets businesses wholly streamline their brand identity by promoting company’s strength and expertise at a point-of-sale or a reception, or just public places.


What is digital ooh advertising?


Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is an advanced form of OOH, allowing the businesses to target their audiences with custom content. It is designed to streamline the entire advertising procedure by reducing human interaction and manual insertions.


It brings you some of the most useful benefits of digital technology to make the advertising more impactful such as tracking, geofencing, personalization, and others. At the same time, it is totally invulnerable to ad blockers—users cannot skip the digital ooh advertising.


Our experienced professionals are highly creative in designing an eye-catching digital ooh ad to help businesses grab more attention. You can launch impactful campaigns to let your brand get its message throughout the targeted locations. 


What is the difference between Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) and OOH?


As the name explains, Digital Out of Home refers to digital display solutions used in public places with dense traffic. It aims at drawing abundant attention by integrating many digital instruments like digital billboards, interactive kiosks, etc.


On the other hand, Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising refers to all types of display advertising installed outside to draw customers’ attention. Although highly impactful, it gives lesser outcomes than DOOH offers.


What are the benefits of OOH Advertising?


Outdoor advertising Signages are the best alternative to digital ads. They have some types of limitations as users can easily skip the digital ads. Therefore, OOH advertising seems to be a perfect choice for businesses who want their brand to be seen by the people. Out of home advertisements can leave the audiences with impactful influences because of their size and presentation to the real-world environment.



Here are some key benefits of using OOH advertising for your businesses:


1. Broad reach and engagement with your target customers

2. Affordable way of promoting your brand

3. Limitless scope for creativity

4. Great opportunity to reach targeted audiences easily


Why use OOH advertising? And how to measure ooh advertising?


A study found that out of home (OOH) advertising is the most operative and helpful mode of promoting your brand. It is said to give more activities as compared to the promotional activities done through TV, radio and print. And this is the reason why OOH seems to be a great option to be included in brand advertising activities.


Measuring OOH advertising success is the simplest process—what you need to do is look at the sales before, during, and after you have launched the campaign. To make it even simpler for you, our experienced professionals create KPIs to make sure your objectives are duly met. It also allows you to measure impressions—which means assessing how many people have encountered your advertisement. 


What is a video wall used for?


A video wall is a set of LED displays, integrated to make a single screen. Since the video wall can potentially create an artistic impact on the audience, it is a perfect tool to create effective visual content for the masses. Businesses use video walls for educating, entertaining, and informing about their brand.


Promoflex Display Systems specializes in creating high-end LED walls for businesses. Our experienced professionals first understand your requirements and create a custom display solution to educate and entertain your targeted audiences.  


How much does an LED video wall cost?


The cost of creating an LED video wall depends on your specific requirements. There are many factors like outdoor or indoor installation, mounting requirements, and others that contribute to the cost. Our experienced professionals will help you create the best LED display solution through the right size, dimension, and viewing distance.


what is an objective of ooh advertising?


Unlike digital ads, ooh advertising is the most successful method of improving your brand value. It is purposed to reach out to as many customers as possible. unipole manufacturers in India ensure that the billboards are perfectly visible to the people who pass through the location. Commercials are located and positioned valuably in a way that the people cannot avoid it. 


Why OOH Advertising in India is a Best Option?


Out of home advertising has been in place for the last several years. And because of its adaptable nature and impactful viewing experiences, OOH signages emerge as one of the best options in India. One of the key reasons for its popularity in India is its ability to reach the right audiences at the best time. We at Promoflex Display Systems use in-depth demographic data to make sure that the billboard is positioned perfectly in the right location.


In India, businesses need to be visible everywhere if they look forward to taking their brand to millions of people. OOH helps businesses expand their reach through artistic visual content. According to a study, people spend more than 80% of their day outside, and thus the advertisers find enough time to engage with the target audiences using outdoor advertisements.   


If you are looking forward to improving your brand value through impactful OOH signages, we are here to help you with the best solutions available to you. We work with the best unipole manufacturers in Delhi NCR to make sure the billboards and other displays are positioned in the right place.